Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mind Tricks the thirst for water control - A self experiment

I was just drinking some water from a Gatorade plastic bottle and got me wondering.... Why does Gatorade has a bigger opening than the soft drink bottles. So then I tried drinking water from a half liter Pepsi bottle and a half liter Gatorade bottle (when I was equally thirsty after an hour gap of time each time). I found that when I drank from Gatorade bottle I drank the water faster and I was even more thirsty after half liter of water than when I did the same from a Pepsi bottle (With a small opening).

Idea is Why not have bigger opening for the Pepsi bottles, that way will it sell more?? will people drink the Pepsi faster and will tend to buy another one to quench their thirst?? (Yes, water and Pepsi are different, I cant drink Pepsi at the rate at which I drink water because of the carbonated gas in the Pepsi)... Still I would love to see whether its the time consumed to drink half liter vs quenching of thirst... Wondering whether we just trick our mind that we are not thirsty anymore because we consumed the same amount of water for a longer time??

If this Idea is true, then where can we apply to create products and values to people.

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