Sunday, January 26, 2014

Want vs Need - ambiguity in small things to ultimate goals in life

Is there a real difference between what do we want and what do we need. Obviously we need air, water, food, shelter, sex to survive. But do we need all the generations of Iphone and Ipad or Mac air pro to survive. In fact do we actually know the difference between what we need and what we want.
What criteria do you think that will help us make a choice between what we want and need, if there is a fire at your apartment, what will you carry or choose to take with you. Will our ambiguity of want and need will interfere in our decision during a stressful or bad situations?
Do we go back to our instincts on making the choices in our life ? Because I could see this confusion of choice between want and need coupled with our inability to take a stand have made many of us to live without the well driven goal in our life. This is what makes us have unsuccessful attempts or lead a normal life. I am not much of exception... But we gotta learn to differentiate our life goals as well!! Let me know if these helps or any comments on this!!

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