Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why do we pretend?

Why do we pretend and try to be someone else.?

I was watching SHERLOCK the BBC TV series and I was very excited and after an episode, I tried to be deductive to small details as does Sherlock, so I started to pretend like sherlock but didnt last very long after an hour or something I didn't pretend anymore, Then I watched another episode of Sherlock and started pretending again and lost interest in an hour.

I started analyzing Y.. why do we lose interest, This is very similar to the Gym workout, we start with high enthusiasm and then we just lose it and start finding excuses. This happens for many things in our life. Why cant we just keep doing it? is it cos of the hardship to do it? or simply we are quitters ? or our mind gets tired so easily over new things?

Now back to the question why do we pretend to be someone else? is it cos we are not happy with what we are? like Why only as a protagonist? Why Sherlock and not as John Watson? Watson has some special qualities... Will it be easy if we pretend as John Watson and we will stay in the character a lot longer than when trying to be Sherlock? How can we find ways to improve ourself ? How much or how long can a movie or a documentary or a book will leave an impact in our mind ? Is it possible to achieve it in normal advertising?

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