Saturday, September 8, 2007

Modern day Meditation

What is Meditation? This is the meaning I found in the web.

Think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

But in today’s modern world with abundant of distractions around us, thinking deeply is tough about anything. The idea is to create your own mind palace and then visiting it every morning and think about any event that happened to you yesterday. Let’s take an example, Rachel (My favorite Friends TV show Character) goes to office and she had this really annoying colleague that she does not enjoy hearing her voice, I mean hearing her even hush is like nailing your head (We all have someone who is really annoying). Now Rachel Goes home and reads this blog (How is it possible it’s not yet posted, time and space we will leave that discussion for a different blog - 11 Dimensions) and decides to give the modern meditation a try, Now she wakes up in the morning and virtually goes to her mind palace and even there she sees this annoying person, What could she do. The memories of the voice plays in your head and u start to get irritated, Now Rachel decides to put herself in the annoying persons shoes, So next day in the office she sees things from this person's perspective. The annoyance level starts to decrease.

The Idea is just like confronting your fear or addiction, When you go to your mind palace (My mind palace is a pitch black room and me sitting alone there) just think about your distraction, think it from the aspect of the person who is causing you the distractions, Think of it as a game of chess, once you put yourself in that shoes U will start to lack interest on the distraction. 

Lets say Facebook is your distraction, just think deeply about facebook not from your perspective but from Facebook's Business perspective or marketing or plainly about why people post what they post just anything pick a question about Facebook and start think deeply about it.

So U are thinking deeply and focusing your mind for a period of time on one of your distraction alone, this is Meditation as the dictionary says. Try it out....

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