Monday, November 3, 2014

Numbers and metrics - Can you quantify how happy or sad you are by number ?

Math and numbers are the universal language for humans. Everyone understands it, everywhere we use it starting from music to probability of death by killer sharks.
With the social media like facebook, twitter, instagram. The importance of this metrics have evolved. The pressure to share posts and pictures that will get us maximum likes and retweets. Even though I myself hate admitting that I would be happy when I get more likes for my picture but it does not mean anything.
Why does it makes us happy when we get more likes for our picture. When checking a facebook friend's picture, our eyes automatically gets dragged to see how many likes and comments that person's picture has got. It is like highschool all over again except, now there is no age restriction to feel bad for yourself in facebook.
Now my question is why does this number of likes matters to us ? do we benefit from this in anyway ? why are we so emotionally connected to this number, even when I am in my mid 20's ?
So if we do quantify happiness and a mood of a facebook user via algorithms, will it be real or true ?
Will this trend change ? does facebook likes happiness = your saving in bank happy ?

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