Sunday, August 24, 2014

Body or Soul or Brain ?

Body or Soul or Brain ?

These 3 are the most essential for any living thing, especially for humans. Now, I don't see many people with all 3 in ideal proportions. Lemme explain my version of what Body, soul and brain I am

talking about.
Body means a healthy, full and beautiful body both external and internal.
Soul is our essence, spirit, our consciousness, compassion.
Brain is just brain, brilliant, smart.

What would u say is most essential for us humans?, if u r given a choice that u could have only any 2 of these ? that is u could have only Body & soul or Soul & Brain or Body & Brain, what would u choose ?
please choose wisely and give your explanation how you made the choice.

Why am I thinking about this, is because most of the people I meet have just 2 of these ingredients and always miss the third, some even have just one of this. Why cant we all have all 3.
What does ur body or soul or brain says to u now ?

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