Monday, November 3, 2014

Mobile vs tablet vs laptop vs TV - varying Attention levels and level of annoyance

Is the only difference here are the screen size ? I always wonder if we watch a same content on all these 4 mediums, will our attention level differ ?

Case 1: brand Loyal content
I love walking dead, so lets say I watch the next new episodes in these 4 mediums, my attention level is gonna be the same. This is because I am loyal to the walking dead show. I dont care where I am or how I watch it. I am going to equally enjoy it.

Case 2: a new content but I choose to watch it :
all 4 mediums my attention level may not differ, since I choose this content.

Case 3: a new random content but it is intruiging :
Maybe my attention level varies, I get interested in the content better when I am watching it in my Laptop.

Case 4: a new random content, i am viewing for the first time (Like a Utube ad)
My attention level will differ. my guess.

Case 5 : same content, that I was exposed to more than 10 times.
My attention level will be same or minimal, but the level at which I am annoyed for watching the same content will it change with the 4 mediums ?

Cant help but wonder. May be I could scan or do a survey and see the results.

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