Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Could Flash (Super Hero - Barry Allen) Be immortal ?

There are lots of intense in the comics that flash vibrates so fast and matches the frequency of alternate universes and becomes coherent with them, he even could travel between these alternate universes. There is even a comic book issue where flash(The red one) travels in time to the past or even his arch nemesis reverse flash (The yellow one).

So my question is, if flash could time travel and heals faster with high metabolic rate, could he become immortal ? until he is killed. ?? (Even then the reverse flash could go back in time and save the flash - without flash, professor zoom has no one to play with). With his healing abilities could he be forever young and immortal ??

Another question arises, we know vampires are fast, is that one of the reasons why they are immortal until they are killed ?? (Well there are thousand ways to kill a vampire). Are vampires just blood thirsty Flash ??

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